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I'm just a dude that wants to make animation on my free time. I want to make all types of art and animated comics so I'm making some quick animations to experiment what kind of art I want to post. I hope there is people out there that like it.




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Next Update Coming Soon

Posted by AddA2 - September 22nd, 2018

Hey guys just wanted to make a quick post about how things are going. I really wish I was done because I feel like its taken forever and if I wait any longer, I'm just going to feel very disappointing because I just feel the amount of content I added wont meet the expectations.

I'm done with all the rooms, character art and added some new features like having some small animations going on in the backgrounds and simple stuff like when you click the door in the main room, it will open the map for you. I expected this to go faster now that I had the main code done but I just couldn't get in a zone when I was working on this and really just progressed a lot slower than I thought I would. I only have a few hours left today to work on it but after that all that will be left are the bloody animations. I have like 2 animations mostly done, but those were really just the easy ones I got out of the way a while ago.

The games has a bit more story but really its still just a really small demo, you can talk with Dexter's Mom and Susan for a few days and get some basic teasing animations. Really just 5 minutes of game play. But I am also going to add actual hardcore animations like the anal full nelson one already in the game and then work those into the story later. That way people that just want the animations can still get them even if the story doesn't really allow for any sex with any of the characters yet.

Lastly about the story, not very fleshed out at all. Really what you'll find right now is just a place holder. Once I add supporting characters for the main MILFS like Dexter's family, will I actually put down a real thought out but straight forward plot to avoid the grinding.

But a quick list of things I got done so far. The picture on top is just a quick mock up of some of the rooms.

New Character List
Dexter's Mom, Deedee, Dexter's Babysiter, Lila Test, Susan Long, Linda Flynn-Fletcher, A computer store owner.

New Location List
Your Room, Dexter's House, Dexters Hall, Dexter's Kitchen, Phineas and Ferb's House, Johnny Test's House, Susan's Cater Shop + Inside, Town Street, School + 1 Hall. 

That is really all, sorry if it sounds whiny, I just wish I could have it ready with more content by now but even so, I should look at this as progress. Hope you guys like the game when I post it sometime soon. I would give a release date but I don't want to shoot myself in the leg. See you soon!


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Yay Mrs. Long! Also I see Maddie at the top also a great MILF. Can't wait to see more sounds great :)